B.S.F. Sports Performance

“Developing Bigger, Stronger, Faster Athletes”

While our core customer is the serious athlete, we adhere to the philosophy that everyone is an athlete. Our members whether one on one, small group, team training, adult fitness and/or age and group programming fall into a predominant place that changes over time. Each athlete, regardless of their sport, age or skill level will be guided with a purpose, a goal, a plan, and system to maximize progress.

“Every athlete at the Bo Dome is immersed in a supportive environment, in which they are cared about as people, not just athletes.”


BSF has made an enormous impact on my life in a multitude of ways. Coach James Young, as well as the rest of the BSF organization, has developed me as both an athlete and a human being. I learned life skills that helped me to succeed in school, hockey, and will continue to push me to be my best self as a collegiate student-athlete. I have formed relationships at the Bo Dome that I am confident will last me a lifetime.

James has dedicated so much of his time to creating a culture that expects nothing less than 100% effort. Every athlete at the Bo Dome is immersed in a supportive environment, in which they are cared about as people, not just athletes. Each athlete, whether they are on the same team or barely know each other, never hesitates to cheer on someone as they are completing a lift or conditioning session. We push each other, as well as push ourselves. James goes above and beyond in terms of learning about each athlete, their goals, and their needs. He tailors all of our programs to help us succeed in the way best suited for each one of us as individuals.

Personally, my 2.5 years spent being trained by James were monumental in terms of my athletic career. As the only hockey player at the dome at the time, James went out of his way to learn more about my sport so that he could target the exact type of training that I needed to be doing. He watched games, did research, and asked questions about the game itself. He even came to my games and supported me & my team on multiple occasions. He supported me on the ice, in the gym, and even in the classroom. James taught me things about myself that I had not even realized yet; he taught me about the type of learner I am, how I respond to high-stress situations, and what motivates me. He always pushed me to be the best possible version of myself. On days when I didn’t think I could give 100% effort, he helped me understand that I could give 110%. I am eternally thankful for all James has done in my life; I truly would not be where I am without him.

Brynne West

Hockey – Quinnipiac University