Fall Training for High School Pitchers

  • Ages 14-18
  • Fall


Quite often, pitchers are neglected in baseball training programs, but at Cangelosi Baseball we are committed to developing pitchers and giving them the tools they need to maximize their potential. Becoming a great pitcher doesn’t just happen over night. It requires a lot of physical and mental work, and we’ve created a platform for you to achieve greatness.

Cangelosi Baseball is highly regarded for our development of pitchers who are ready for the next level. There’s a long list of pitchers from Cangelosi Baseball who have gone on to pitch at the collegiate level and professionally, including the Major League level.


Individually customized workout for each pitcher including:

  • Daily arm care routine with wrist weights and plyo balls
  • Midweek bullpens
  • Recovery & body strengthening workouts
  • Pitcher Fielding Practice
  • Pickoff Work
  • Mental side of pitching

Details and Pricing

Ages: 14-18 years old

Dates: August 23rd – October 13th (7 weeks, 21 total sessions)

When: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (Three times per week)

Time: 7:45p-9:15p

Price: $695 ($625.50 for Cangelosi Members)