Catcher's Camp with Bob Lisanti

  • Ages 12-18
  • Fall
  • Winter


Good catchers are hard to come by in baseball.  The position is both physically and mentally demanding and is as difficult as any position in professional sports.   However, while those demands do contribute to the lack of good catching, it is not the only reason for the scarcity.  Frankly, the position is taught poorly at every level of player development, and too often, players with the wrong physical attributes are pushed to catch at a young age.

When you consider the impact a catcher has on every game, you would think that more attention would be paid to the development of catchers.   As catchers, we need to think differently, train differently, and take the responsibility of leading differently.  The position is unique in so many ways.

Our 7-week catching camp is designed to build a comprehensive approach to all areas of catching, challenging our athletes to use the off season to build a foundation that will give you an edge is mastering one of the most difficult positions in sports.

Each session will be led by Bob Lisanti and Josh Caceres.  Both former catchers with extensive experience at both playing and teaching the position.



Age Groups: 12u-14u, High School

Dates: Session 1: Mondays, November 7th – December 19th (7 weeks)

Session 2: Mondays, January 9th – February 20th (7 weeks)

Times: 12u-14u 8:00-9:00pm

High School 9:00-10:00pm

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