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“…One of the most rewarding experiences of my entire athletic career.”

“I trained with Brett Velon in preparation for the 2017 season and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my entire athletic career. His upbeat attitude and his ability to push me well past my perceived limits each and every day made it extremely easy to stay motivated and hungry to better myself on a daily basis. Beyond his talents as a coach, he is a great friend and a wonderful human being. Simply participating in conventional group-based weight training at a local gym or high school is just not good enough anymore; with cutting-edge research and technology readily available through Brett and the Bo Jackson Elite Sports Dome, the right combination of exercises in a proper program can completely transform any athlete. Training with Brett goes well beyond the weight room; he also provides excellent nutritional guidance and techniques to improve one’s recovery in between sessions. Thanks to Brett, I am faster, stronger, quicker, and more mobile than ever. For those who are looking to take their strength and conditioning to the next level, look no further than Brett Velon. Being a professional baseball player, I felt very confident that this program would be a major benefit for me, as Brett spent a significant amount of time working for and gaining valuable insight from one of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the country, Eric Cressey. He creates highly specialized and individualized training programs that aim to eradicate one’s particular weaknesses and improve one’s particular strengths. If you are an athlete that desires to take his/her game to the next level, training with Brett Velon will be an absolutely outstanding investment of your money and time. I highly recommend setting up a consultation with Brett as soon as possible before his schedule completely fills up; he is a very knowledgeable and likable strength and conditioning coach that has already begun to acquire top athletes throughout the entire state as clients.”

– Matt Trowbridge

Professional Baseball Player, Baltimore Orioles

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