B.S.F. Staff

James Young, CFSC, PS-L1

Director of Sports Performance

  • B.A. in Exercise Physiology,  North Central College
  • CFSC – Certified Functional Strength Coach
  • Pre-Script – L1

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“In my time with James and the coaches at B.S.F, I’ve come to realize the depth of knowledge and understanding of the process they have in order to either build a young athlete from the ground up or to take professional athletes and create need based specific programs to help us take our bodies to the next level. All of the programs are created with sport specific actions in mind, and I never left wondering whether the workouts would help me be a better baseball player.”  -Joe Donovan, University of Michigan, Cleveland Indians Organization

“Training with James at B.S.F. this offseason was the best decision I could have made. James doesn’t only craft a tailored program to the type of athlete you are but also explains why he chooses the exercises he has you doing. His knowledge around the weight room is of the highest level and is why so many professionals have chosen to work with him. I know every day I showed up to B.S.F I became a better athlete in multiple aspects.”  -Danny Oriente, University of Louisville, Arizona Diamondbacks Organization