Grid Iron Academy (Pre-Season)

  • Ages 9-14
  • Summer


The ultimate pre-season boot camp to get you ready for your next Football Season. Regardless of whether your player is going to play tackle or flag next season, this camp will prepare them to compete. This program will focus on combining the ability that your player has with the knowledge that every player needs. Smarter players are able to play more freely and fast and stay a step ahead of the competition. Practices will be run using the same techniques and drills that are used in high level High School and College Programs. Players will learn to apply what they learn in drills to live controlled situations, on both sides of the ball.


  • We will work on both Run game and Pass game concepts. They will see a variety of formations on both Offence and Defense so that they better understand responsibilities and the “Why” behind different play calls. This will improve their knowledge of blocking responsibilities, route running, and defensive assignments, which will make them a more complete player.
  • On the field athletes will work on foot work to improve route running, cuts and defensive pursuit. As well as hand eye coordination to improve receiving and pass disruption and defeating blocks.
  • Athletes will compete in challenging movements and drills that enhance their Agility, Speed and Quickness, which will enhance their ability to change directions in live situations.
  • Athletes will be taught proper Blocking and Tackling techniques the correct way to ensure safety. There is no other off-season youth training program that provides this. Players who are committed to blocking and tackling correctly improve their overall value with any football team.

More details are coming soon for Summer 2o24!