2023 Gridiron Academy Spring Session

Redefine your game!

This program will focus on fundamentals and technique. This program will focus on fundamentals and technique that are taught and used in high school and college programs. Players will be challenged to learn techniques for positions on both sides of the ball. This will help them elevate their competitive game. Players will be grouped with athletes of similar ability and put in drills that create a constructive competitive so that all are challenged and will get better.

  • Bo Jackson’s BSF Sports Performance Center will be a primary component of this session as trainers will help rebuild the athlete to solidify and weaknesses, while improving their existing strength.
  • On the field, the athlete will work on footwork  to improve route running, cuts and defensive pursuit. We will also focus on hand-eye coordination to improve receiving, pass disruption and defeating blocks.
  • Athletes will be taught Blocking and Tackling techniques the correct way to improve their overall value with the team.

Day & Time: Sundays, 10:00pm-12:00pm
Dates: March 5th – April 2nd

Length: 5 weeks
Price: $195

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